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The University of Western Australia
​​​​​​​[An Unbiased Review]

Are you trying to decide what university you'd like to study at? 
It's a hard choice right? 
In this unbiased, independent review video, Rob Malicki from A Life That Travels takes a walk around the University of Western Australia's campus in Crawley, Perth, Western Australia.  
If you're considering spending 3 years or more studying at this university, these 8 minutes will be well worth your time!
He shows you what it's like to be on campus and talks with students about their experiences study at UWA. 
You'll also hear about some of UWA's strengths (and weaknesses) and get a great feel for what it's actually like to be a student there. 

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University of Western Australia
Our Story
Society puts way too much pressure on people.

​​​​​​​It puts pressure on us to conform.

To follow a path that it has laid out.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

A Life That Travels isn't just about "travelling", as in getting on a plane (although that's part of it).

It’s about the fact that society shouldn’t set the limits on who you can be.​​​​​​​

And most importantly, it's about that critical decision we all have to make when we're young...

​​​​Do we go travelling?

Do we go to university (or some other form of education)?

Do we get a job?

Why is this decision so hard???

Because there's way too much noise out there...

People screaming at us to "find our passion"... like that's such an easy thing to do! Ha!

So here it is.

No bs. No agenda.

Real stories. Real people.

And hopefully, amongst this dose of reality, you might find a little bit of your own path.

Your own "life that travels". 

Thanks for joining the adventure.
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From everyday people to big names, everyone has a story. 

And in their journeys we hope you might find something that helps you on yours.
Society Puts Too Much Pressure on People
If you agree then 
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